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Stop Vote Fracking

Stop Vote Fracking

vote_fracking_horizontal.jpgStand up for YOUR right to VOTE.

Republican lawmakers are at it again. On January 18, they posted HCR2014 which will amend the Arizona Constitution to remove voting rights from 1.3 million registered independent voters. This is the latest attack in a string of laws carefully designed to strip away the vote from minorities, third parties, students, the poor, the sick and infirm. 

It's called Vote Fracking*.  And it won't stop until every voter who thinks and votes differently and who can't be controlled is stripped of their right to vote. The results are millions of disenfranchised voters, loss of third party representation, fewer candidates over all, and extreme consolidation of political power.

I’m Kevin McCormick, Libertarian Candidate for Governor. I'm also a Vote Fracking victim.

HB2608 (2015) radically increased signature requirements to keep third party candidates off the ballot- and they succeeded in 2016. But I'm here, now, fighting for your right to vote.

Join me in fighting for your rights.

In less than 5 minutes you can help me with 2 things:  Sign my Petition  and   Donate $5.

Signatures is the only way any candidate gets on the ballot, and as I mentioned, mine increased significantly.

$5 donations will help me qualify for $2,000,000 in funding to use back against the state in a fight for all of our rights.

These links will take you directly to the Arizona Equal website and the Clean Elections site were you can do these two actions online conveniently. Both will use your driver's license to vet your identity, so your signature and contribution will be irrefutable.  

Win or lose I will be documenting and exposing the mass disenfranchisement of Arizona voters. With your signature and $5 donation they won’t be able to stop me. By law, they have to include me in all debates and printed voter information. My opponents will have to go on record.

Together we can do this. Stop Vote Fracking and help me onto the ballot today. 


* The systematic stripping of voting rights to achieve a small, controllable voting body resulting in a lock of political power.