Gubernatorial Candidate Kevin McCormick Unveils Workforce Plan - McCormick For Liberty

Gubernatorial Candidate Kevin McCormick Unveils Workforce Plan

Gubernatorial Candidate Kevin McCormick Unveils Workforce Plan

November 7, Phoenix, Arizona-  In a statement today, leading  Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Kevin McCormick released his WAGE  (Workforce Advancement economic Growth Endowment) plan aimed at increasing skilled workers and quality jobs in Arizona and helping high school graduates successfully enter the workplace.

Said Mr. McCormick, “Arizona ranks #36 in unemployment and there is a widening gap between what employers are requiring and the skills our workforce, particularly our young entry level workers, are trained in.”

He continued, “With more virtual and remote employees, the economy of the future will be based on  the workforce, their skills, their quality, and where they choose to live. My WAGE plan takes a multilateral approach to encourage skilled workers to move to Arizona, incent employers large and small to create high paying jobs for Arizonans, and provide young adults good entry level jobs with on the job skills training.”

“By improving our workforce and jobs, we will sustainably improve Arizona’s economy without increasing taxes. In fact my WAGE plan will reduce individual taxes through tax credits and deductions. You can see the details of my plan at“

Mr. McCormick is the leading candidate to be the Libertarian nominee for governor in 2018. Formerly a Libertarian presidential candidate, Kevin has worked in the tech industry for over 2 decades.  Kevin currently resides in Scottsdale with his wife and 2 daughters.      


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