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How We Can Raise Teacher Pay Without Raising Taxes

Kevin McCormick For AZ Governor 2018 And His Family

Raising Teacher Pay Without Raising Taxes

Arizona pays teachers less than every other state in the country but one. Republicans say it’s because they just don’t know where they’d get the money.

That’s odd. They manage to find plenty of money for private prisons, subsidies for corporations, and pay raises for Governor Ducey’s staff.

They're right about one thing: if we want to raise teacher pay, we need to come up with the money. And ending Arizona's expensive habit of doling out hundreds of millions in tax dollars to huge commercial enterprises would have been a good place to start.


Corporate welfare comes at the direct expense of our teachers and kids, and a recent bill before the Arizona house would have banned this disgraceful practice -- but every single Democrat voted against it in committee.

Governor Ducey promised to raise teacher pay this year and delivered a laughable $400 bonus. Meanwhile, the majority of his staff received raises, often to the tune of about $40,000 -- more than many teachers make in a year.

The people of Arizona have made it incredibly clear that teacher pay is a priority, but all we get from the government is excuses. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution to this problem.


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Stop Vote Fracking

vote_fracking_horizontal.jpgStand up for YOUR right to VOTE.

Republican lawmakers are at it again. On January 18, they posted HCR2014 which will amend the Arizona Constitution to remove voting rights from 1.3 million registered independent voters. This is the latest attack in a string of laws carefully designed to strip away the vote from minorities, third parties, students, the poor, the sick and infirm. 

It's called Vote Fracking*.  And it won't stop until every voter who thinks and votes differently and who can't be controlled is stripped of their right to vote. The results are millions of disenfranchised voters, loss of third party representation, fewer candidates over all, and extreme consolidation of political power.

I’m Kevin McCormick, Libertarian Candidate for Governor. I'm also a Vote Fracking victim.

HB2608 (2015) radically increased signature requirements to keep third party candidates off the ballot- and they succeeded in 2016. But I'm here, now, fighting for your right to vote.

Join me in fighting for your rights.

In less than 5 minutes you can help me with 2 things:  Sign my Petition  and   Donate $5.

Signatures is the only way any candidate gets on the ballot, and as I mentioned, mine increased significantly.

$5 donations will help me qualify for $2,000,000 in funding to use back against the state in a fight for all of our rights.

These links will take you directly to the Arizona Equal website and the Clean Elections site were you can do these two actions online conveniently. Both will use your driver's license to vet your identity, so your signature and contribution will be irrefutable.  

Win or lose I will be documenting and exposing the mass disenfranchisement of Arizona voters. With your signature and $5 donation they won’t be able to stop me. By law, they have to include me in all debates and printed voter information. My opponents will have to go on record.

Together we can do this. Stop Vote Fracking and help me onto the ballot today. 


* The systematic stripping of voting rights to achieve a small, controllable voting body resulting in a lock of political power.  


HB2608 or How the Republicans Disenfranchised the Libertarian Party

The year is 2012. Gary Johnson is making his first Libertarian presidential run. The spotlight is shining on Libertarians like it really hasn’t before, due to heightened awareness and also the hard work of several candidates’ campaigns. Arizona Libertarian candidates garnered enough of the vote in 2 key races to exceed the spread between Republican and Democrat totals. The results were 2 losses for the Republicans.  Their sour grapes grumble is to blame Libertarians, casting us as unqualified interlopers that, had we not been there (on the ballot) surely those votes would have gone to the Republican candidates ensuring their victories.

Fast forward to 2015. Republicans are pushing a bill to change candidate signature requirements. This is not the first attempt. In 2013, a previous bill that increased third party signature requirements was repealed after a successful veto referendum.

HB2608, by changing who can sign a Libertarian candidate nomination petition, significantly increased the minimum number of signatures required for all offices. For governor this increase was more than 2200% to 3023. (* The actual number of signatures required for the 2018 cycle will not be released until this March.)

Signed by Governor Ducey, the bill is an admitted attempt to keep Libertarians off the ballot, keep them from “siphoning off” votes from Republican candidates and make it easier for Republicans to win.  

HB2608 did more than up Libertarian signature requirements by 22 times, it also changed laws making it harder to get voter backed referendums on the ballot as well and quintupled individual donor limits. This is all designed to favor the Republicans and extinguish 3rd party, particularly Libertarian candidates.

With no chance of a second referendum coming to the rescue, The AZLP filed a suit against the Secretary of State but lost.

In 2016, other than Gary Johnson, Arizona Libertarians were left out of the general election.

This is not what the voting public wants. Poll after poll shows that people are looking for a third party option on the ballot.

The Libertarian Party is growing, while the Democrat and Republican parties are both withering, their members leaving to become registered independents, the largest body of registered voters in Arizona. But Independents have an even tougher time getting on the ballot with minimum signature requirements 2.5 to 5 times higher than the major parties and with no organization to support their efforts. Yes Independents have also been effectively cast off the ballot.

ALL of this is an effort to keep your choices on the ballot L I M I T E D.

However, if we stand together, we can send a clear message to the Republicans and Democrats by putting me, Kevin McCormick, on the ballot.

It comes down to this; I need your signature on my nominating petition. No candidate gets on the ballot any other way.

A process that takes a minute or two of your time stands between having a real choice or voting for the lesser of two special interest controlled evils.

Signing online is quick, convenient and since it’s done on Arizona’s own website, it’s vetted and irrefutable.  

We don’t have to take this lying down. Rise up. Sign up.  

Gubernatorial Candidate Kevin McCormick Unveils Workforce Plan

November 7, Phoenix, Arizona-  In a statement today, leading  Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Kevin McCormick released his WAGE  (Workforce Advancement economic Growth Endowment) plan aimed at increasing skilled workers and quality jobs in Arizona and helping high school graduates successfully enter the workplace.

Said Mr. McCormick, “Arizona ranks #36 in unemployment and there is a widening gap between what employers are requiring and the skills our workforce, particularly our young entry level workers, are trained in.”

He continued, “With more virtual and remote employees, the economy of the future will be based on  the workforce, their skills, their quality, and where they choose to live. My WAGE plan takes a multilateral approach to encourage skilled workers to move to Arizona, incent employers large and small to create high paying jobs for Arizonans, and provide young adults good entry level jobs with on the job skills training.”

“By improving our workforce and jobs, we will sustainably improve Arizona’s economy without increasing taxes. In fact my WAGE plan will reduce individual taxes through tax credits and deductions. You can see the details of my plan at“

Mr. McCormick is the leading candidate to be the Libertarian nominee for governor in 2018. Formerly a Libertarian presidential candidate, Kevin has worked in the tech industry for over 2 decades.  Kevin currently resides in Scottsdale with his wife and 2 daughters.