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Saving Arizona From Corruption

While the national economy grows at 3%, Arizona continues to suffer one of the worst unemployment rates in the nation (36th according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics).   

Despite Arizona’s growing influx of technology based companies, many high quality employees live in other states and work remotely.  Demand for certain technical and trade skills is rising but the number of qualified workers is stagnant, widening the workforce skills gap. The lack of technology in our schools is holding our kids back from a future they deserve.

To grow a more robust economy, Arizona must:

  • Encourage companies to create high quality jobs;
  • Incentivize quality workers to reside in Arizona; and
  • Correct the skills gap that is holding our youth back from a successful entry into the workforce.

The economy of the future will be driven by the individual not large corporations. We must focus on lower individual taxes, reduce regulations, expedite workforce education, incent small business and start up growth and end crony government programs designed to collect taxes from the employee and redistribute them to a few large corporations.

WAGE: Workforce Advancement Growth Endowment

My WAGE plan offers Arizona residents, like you, a multi-lateral approach to addressing these issues:

1)      $10,000 tax deduction for all jobs with over $40,000 annual paid compensation.

  • Individual’s that earn at least $40,000 as independent contractors, self-employed, personal investments or other earnings outside of direct employment will receive the tax deduction
  • Companies that create and employ Arizona residents earning at least $40,000 with benefits

2)      $10,000 Relocation Tax Credit

  • $10,000 relocation tax credit for any job paying over $75,000 a year
  • Designed to encourage individuals with remote and virtual jobs to move to Arizona
  • Credited over 3 years to any worker who already has a qualifying job and relocates to Arizona permanently.

 3)      $10,000 Journeyman Business Tax Deduction

  • Program is designed to provide incentives to companies offering on the job training programs for recent high school graduates
  • One time $10,000 tax deduction for every recent graduate employed with a minimum annual income of at least $36,000

This plan will be achieved without raising taxes by simply ending existing corporate handout programs included with the Arizona Commerce Authority, the Arizona Competes Fund and the Workforce Investment Grant Fund. My WAGE act will eliminate programs supporting special interest groups and lobbyist. Any unused funds from the WAGE act will be returned to you, the tax payer.

I welcome your input on my WAGE plan to quickly raising Arizona’s employment opportunities. I hope you can join me by supporting my campaign with a small $5 or more donation