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Saving Arizona From Corruption

Return Arizona to the people

Over the last 12 years the established parties in Arizona have engaged in a systematic process to suppress the voice of the people of Arizona. We are led to believe that the major parties represent the people of Arizona; that real debate occurs in our legislature but the truth is 61% of the bills in 2017 were passed with unanimous support. Our elected officials are controlled by special interests and dark money donations. Arizona has passed multiple laws to prevent voices that disagree with special interest groups from being heard. In 2004, 35 Libertarians appeared
on the ballot. After successfully passing multiple laws preventing ballot access to anyone outside of the major parties ZERO Libertarians appeared on the ballot in 2016. Our elected officials took things one step further in 2017 by passing laws to prevent voter ballot initiatives but this wasn’t enough. A bill was introduced to prevent college students from voting where they attend college. This didn’t pass but they are already in the process to introduce a similar bill again in 2018. The only way to prevent further erosion of our rights in Arizona is to elect a truly independent voice. One that represents the people of Arizona. I will fight to repeal all laws that were passed to limit ballot access, suppress voters and will veto any bill that is designed to prevent the voice of the people from being heard.


More than perhaps anything, the people have come to expect education from their government. Across the country, states and school boards grapple with the correct ratio of funding per pupil. Our governor has failed to live up to the promises he made on education since elected, and our government has failed since the beginning on living up to the promise of public education.

We need to diversify education, allow students and parents the opportunity to tailor learning to the talents, strengths, and interests of the student. We need to allow for more paths to success, from technical training, apprenticeships, and the active use of technology in the learning process. There is a market for education alternatives, we need to remove the government from creating obstacles to innovation and allow parents, students, and educating professionals the chance to create a new perspective on education.

Prescription drug opioid abuse

Addiction and abuse is tragic, for the individual and for those closest to them. For too long governments solutions to addiction has been to criminalize addicts, and to militarize enforcement. One of the most costly and extensive failures of government since the 80’s has been the response to addiction and abuse. Recently, the focus has been on opioid abuse and its consequences, from a government perspective we need to treat addiction of any kind as a public health crisis, diverting resources away from breaking up families, and instead empowering communities and support systems to intervene with addicted loved ones. 

One of the most effective things government officials can do is ignore the crony deals with pharmaceutical companies and publicly acknowledge that the reliance on prescription opioids is a leading cause of this epidemic. For too long the government and pharmaceutical companies have come together to make this a crisis from the streets and not from the pharmacy.