Healthcare - Kevin McCormick For Governor

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was sold to the people as a solution to reduce healthcare costs and extend healthcare to more people. The exact opposite has occurred and as the US Supreme court ruled ACA is a TAX not health insurance. We have been forced to purchase something we don’t want to provide an additional revenue stream to the IRS so they can in turn pass more money on to the health insurance cartels. Since the individual mandate penalty has been eliminated, Arizona is in a unique position to open our health insurance market up and put an end to the corporate cronyism.


The “health insurance” we purchase in the United States is no longer insurance. The average individual pays over $10,000 a year before the insurance company provides any financial support. Instead of purchasing insurance the ACA plans forces us to pay for insurance to cover items we don’t need and provide negotiated rates through a 3rd party. The negotiated price our insurance company requires us to pay is often higher than the direct cash rate our doctors, hospitals and pharmacies charge. If we can pay less without an ACA insurance plan why are buying it? The issue we face in Arizona is it is still illegal for an insurance company in Arizona to sell health insurance that is not ACA compliant.


How We Can Reduce Healthcare Costs and Open the Insurance Market


  1. Allow consumers to purchase healthcare services directly from providers
  2. Prevent insurance companies from punishing doctors and consumers that pay outside of their insurance plan
  3. All healthcare expenses purchased directly and covered by existing insurance plans will be applied to your deductible
  4. Require prices for healthcare services to posted online or available upon request
  5. Create a health insurance market outside of the Affordable Care Act


The good news is we are already 80% of the way there in Arizona. Arizona has already passed laws that meet the requirements of the first 4 items. (ARS 32-3216, ARS 36-437) We can create an open insurance market in Arizona that provides a wide range of insurance plans including ACA compliant and ACA non-compliant plans by allowing the citizens of Arizona to purchase insurance from US territories like Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.


How Can US Territories Sell Insurance That Is Not ACA Compliant?


The Obama administration provided the US territories an exemption from the ACA insurance requirements. So, while everyone that lives in the United States has been forced to pay higher insurance rates and suffer with overpriced insurance they don’t want, US citizens that live in a US territory have been free to purchase the plans they want just like we did before ACA. The only thing preventing us from ending ACA in Arizona is our current regulations and laws that thwart us from purchasing insurance outside of the state of Arizona. A simple change allowing us to purchase insurance in state from a US territory will end ACA, end 3rd party payer corruption, reduce healthcare costs and save the average Arizonan thousands of dollars a year.


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