IMPORTANT: Please DocuSign to Confirm

IMPORTANT: Please DocuSign to Confirm

Thank you for your donation! There's one more VERY important, easy step you MUST complete in order for your donation to count toward our Clean Elections campaign.


The form below is REQUIRED by the state of Arizona to verify your donation, and the good news is that you can sign electronically in seconds using DocuSign.



You will land on a page that looks like this. All you need to do is enter YOUR name and email, and DocuSign will walk you right through the process of signing the form electronically.




The form you'll be asked to sign looks like this. The purpose is to verify that you're a registered Arizona voter and that the intent of your donation was to help Kevin McCormick's campaign for governor qualify for Arizona's Citizens' Clean Elections program.




If you have any trouble completing your signature, please contact our Volunteer Director, Tiffany at tiffany[at]