What Is Clean Elections? - McCormick For Governor

Unless you're a part of the political fundraising machine or so wealthy that you don't have to work, it's practically impossible to run for office.

That's why Arizona voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot initiative in 1998 called the Clean Elections Act: to reduce the influence of special interest groups and make it possible for regular Arizonans to run for office.

The Clean Elections Commission provides campaign funding to qualifying candidates like Kevin who'd otherwise be at an insurmountable disadvantage by choosing to refuse massive contributions from special interest groups, PACs, and corporations.

If 4,000 registered Arizona voters contribute just $5 to our campaign by June 28, we qualify for $2 million in funding to run the largest three-way race in the country in 2018, on just two conditions:

1. We MUST participate in the debates, and

2. We can never ask you for money again.

Debate access and fundraising are the two biggest barriers for serious third-party candidates, and the Clean Elections program removes both. It’s not a matter of WHETHER we can win; it’s WHICH level of victory we want to achieve and WHEN.

The Clean Elections program is funded by surcharges on civil and criminal penalties, and if it were up to us, there would be no such fines.

The reality, however, is that the Clean Elections program exists, and the money is going to one of two places, guaranteed: back to the government, or to Republicans and Democrats like it always does so they can control our lives like they always do.

Kevin is running clean because cronyism is wrong for Arizona, and we don't think it's good for society when special interest groups can bribe elected officials to use force against peaceful people for profit.

The problem is, the Arizona Legislature has figured out that our campaign is a threat to the parties in power and recently passed a measure to put Gov. Ducey appointees in charge of the INDEPENDENT Clean Elections Commission.

The measure will appear on the ballot in November, which means there’s a very good chance this will be our LAST shot at beating them at their own game for a LONG time.

This will be either the biggest blow to the two-party system of all time, right here in Arizona, or a missed opportunity we can NEVER get back. Which is why we need to act NOW. 

If you're tired of losing to the lesser of two evils, please click below to donate $5 to our Clean Elections campaign. Thank you for your support.