Libertarian Kevin McCormick for Governor



Hi, I’m Kevin McCormick. I am running a campaign free of Special Interests and PAC money in order to restore government back to the people of Arizona. I urgently need your help to accomplish this. Please sign my petition, give a $5 CEC donation to help me qualify for clean elections funding and donate seed money, up to $160. 

The Republicans have been systematically crafting laws to remove third parties from the ballot, to strip different groups of their right vote and and make voter initiatives harder to get on the ballot. Today there is less choice to vote for and a smaller more tightly controlled group able to vote. It’s very important that you sign my petition and put a Libertarian on the ballot.

With your help, I can return Arizona to the people, not special interests.

You can learn more about me here and read my latest posts about vote fracking here

Not registered to vote? Need to change your registration to Libertarian or independent? You can make these changes at Service Arizona.

Latest Updates

Jan 19, 2018

Stop Vote Fracking

Stand up for YOUR right to VOTE. Republican lawmakers are at it again. On January 18, they posted HCR2014 which will amend the Arizona Constitution to remove voting rights from 1.3...

Jan 10, 2018

HB2608 or How the Republicans Disenfranchised the Libertarian Party

The year is 2012. Gary Johnson is making his first Libertarian presidential run. The spotlight is shining on Libertarians like it really hasn’t before, due to heightened awareness and also the hard work of several candidates’ campaigns. Arizona Libertarian candidates...

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