Clean Elections Donation - McCormick For Governor

Clean Elections Donation


Turn $5 into $500

Libertarian Kevin McCormick is running for Governor to represent the people of Arizona, not special interests groups, political patrons, or fat cat donors.

Your simple $5 contribution will allow Kevin to run a campaign free of special interest influence or out of state interests and put Arizona voters first.

Running as a clean elections candidate-

  • Kevin will not accept any donations from PAC's or special interest groups, and will NOT accept DARK MONEY!
  • All donations are from individuals and the maximum donation per person is $160.
  • It is required by law that Kevin be included in ALL debates.
  • Kevin will be included in all state voter education materials including mailers, mobile applications and websites.


 Help Kevin Qualify for Clean Elections Funding

To become clean elections certified and qualify for funding, Kevin must collect 4,000 $5 donations from registered voters of Arizona, regardless of party affiliation.

These $5 contributions are processed through the Arizona Secretary of State's website. The link below will open another webpage at the Arizona Secretary of State’s e-qualification system. You will be asked to provide your driver's license number to verify you are a resident of Arizona.

Your simple $5 donation will go a long way to providing Arizona voters a choice for Governor who puts the people first over special interests.

Please go to the link below to donate $5 and guarantee the people of Arizona a voice in the election.

5dolr_don.pngNot registered to vote? Need to change your registration to Libertarian or independent? You can make these changes at Service Arizona.

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