Libertarian Kevin McCormick for Governor


Hi, I’m Kevin McCormick, and I need your help right now.

I am running to be the Libertarian candidate for Governor for two main reasons; to improve the future of our children and to stop the special interests and cronyism that dominate Arizona government.

I’ve been in the technology industry for nearly 20 years. Looking back, I see how much our lives have changed because of technology. I also see that education hasn’t kept up with how we live, interact with each other, or what skills our kids need to succeed in the workforce today.

I’m also very concerned with how special interests and cronyism have come to control our elections, pick our leaders, and dominate the government of Arizona. This stifles competition and ingenuity, widens demographic gaps and creates government that does not truly represent the people.

You can help my by signing my petition right now. Ducey and his cronies changed the rules to try and shut Libertarians out of the political process. By upping signature requirements 2200% they are hoping that Libertarians can’t get a candidate on the ballot. So it’s very important that you sign my petition and put a Libertarian on the ballot.

With your help, I can return Arizona to the people, not special interests.

You can learn more about me here and see my plans to invest in our workforce and economic growth here.

Not registered to vote? Need to change your registration to Libertarian or independent? You can make these changes at Service Arizona.

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